To deliver the best I.T. asset refurbishing and disposition services in the industry.


To delight and amaze our customers by exceeding their expectations, through professional and competent interactions, while continuously innovating and improving our I.T. refurbishing processes, capabilities, and related services.

Our achievements

MAR Summit 2018 – Growth Award
FY21 Canada Top Sales Award
FY21 Millionaire Award
VIG-ITAD and Circular Economy (Circularity) In a green, circular economy refurbishing and prolonging the use of I.T. assets is the ideal approach for environmental sustainability. For over twenty years VIG-ITAD team of professionals has refurbished and delivered high-quality I.T. products to a global consumer base using a zero-landfill policy. We are pioneers in our industry, and we pride ourselves as leaders who are constantly looking for new innovative methods and approaches for our processes and products. At VIG-ITAD we do everything in-house to ensure we offer the best quality controls and highest quality products for our customers. We feel that integrity, respect and complete operational transparency with our employees and our clients is a tenet of our operation and fundamental to our ongoing success.

VIG Background

In recognition of the rising problem of e-waste production globally, ViG was established in September 2000 as an I.T. startup. The business model was focused on filling the gap in the market for the sustainable refurbishing and retailing of I.T. assets. The company grew and expanded into the Corporate, Educational, and Government sectors as well as the wholesale and e-commerce markets. Twenty years later, we are proud to say that our efforts have made us one of the top seven largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MAR) in the world, delivering high-quality I.T. dispossession and refurbishing products and services.


Currently operating out of our renovated 40,000 square foot refurbishing and testing facility, VIG-ITAD employs a staff of 55 experienced computer technicians. In this facility, VIG-ITAD can refurbish over 12,000+ units, on a monthly basis. We believe in nurturing skill-based growth in our employees. Each team member is a vital part of VIG-ITAD ecosystem, and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to advance in their roles. We provide an environment where employees are welcome to explore different roles within the company, giving them avenues to grow which helps ensure their satisfaction while promoting productivity.

VIG-ITAD provides a wide range of top-quality, commercial grade computer equipment from all the leading mfg. These systems are all customizable, and include laptops, desktops, monitors, servers and all their typical peripherals. Additionally, VIG-ITAD offers the whole suite of Microsoft Operating System and Microsoft Office productivity applications to power your home, organization, or business for years to come.


MARs Program

Microsoft Authorized refurbishers like VIG-ITAD specialize in professionally and safely decommissioning I.T. assets through asset recycling. Your computer must be disposed of professionally and safely, so your data is not compromised. Safe disposal of technology devices is important to safeguard the data stored or accessed from technology devices. Security breaches can plague consumers and businesses and result in untold economic and personal impact. Decommissioning devices with data security in mind cannot be overlooked when disposing of technology. Production and disposal of electronics have such a huge environmental impact. Microsoft, along with other technology leaders and worldwide organizations, recognizes the problem of end-of-life management for technology devices and the complexities and challenges for consumers when dealing with it. They are committed to the recovery and recycling of the useful materials in our products and keeping them out of landfills at the end of their lifecycle. Microsoft refurbishers use stringent data wiping standards to effectively erase your data. They refurbish the PCs or servers and install genuine Microsoft software, so they are ready for new owners. A Microsoft refurbisher can also provide a variety of asset management offerings – some even provide full IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.

I.T.Asset Disposition (ITAD)

VIG-ITAD services provide the responsible disposition/refurbishing for intended resale and reuse of used/off-lease I.T. equipment from hardware refresh projects. Our services include secure, logistics, chain of custody, asset management, NIST 800-88/shred data sanitization, value recovery, environmentally friendly refurbishing, reporting, and audit documentation. Our clients obtain the fair market value of their used equipment knowing our processes are data secure, environmentally friendly, simple, and easy. This provides our clients with an alternative disposition option that is typically more financially rewarding than the standard lease returns. Additionally, by selling used I.T. assets to VIG-ITAD our clients avoid possible penalties that they may have incurred due to missing boxes or honest use scratches and dents.

Hardware Warranty and Support

VIG-ITAD offers a 1yr warranty service on our refurbished systems, additional warranty available.

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